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Customer Services Specialist



  • University degree,
  • He/she has preferably worked in Chemistry for at least 3 years in a similar position,
  • Effective communication and persuasion competencies are high,
  • Having a job-oriented and highly motivated, success-oriented employee,
  • Reliable, dynamic, team-friendly,
  • Having analytical thinking,
  • Proficient in English
Job description
  • Controlling and realizing all operational transactions of customer orders,
  • Entering orders to the ERP system from the District Officers, customers,
  • Preparation of daily forwarding lists, declaration of warehouse and internal transportation organization
  • Checking of transportation, purchase, return and price difference invoices and delivery to the Accounting Department
  • Providing information flow between Sales Team - Import – Warehouse
  • Performing check-backs and ensuring entry into the system
  • Keeping the information of all documentation and analysis certificates of the product up to date.
  • Requesting documents from the suppliers in line with customer wishes and ensuring that related documents are communicated to the customers
  • To provide coordination between customer and sales personnel during forwarding
  • Proforma sales to foreign suppliers to the purchase order delivery, documentation
  • Follow-up commissions earned from proforma sales with the supplier, following the invoicing of the related amount.



Istanbul - Anadolu, Spring Turkey

Contract type





Ataşehir, Spring Turkey

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