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Threat & Incident Resoponse Manager is a member of Global Cybersecurity Incident Management & Response team and reports to Country Head of Cyber Security.

This role is mainly responsible for effectively handling all information and cybersecurity incidents across the Bank. This mission is critical to the protection of the bank customers, brand as well as Bank’s information and financial assets.

Threat & Incident Response Manager is accountable for:

  • ·Leading the coordination and orchestration of technical response activities for Bank’s cyber security incidents,
  • ·Acting as Bank’s Cyber Incident Response Team leader and official contact person to BDDK SOME,
  • ·Providing timely and relevant updates to appropriate stakeholders and decision makers during cyber security incidents.
  • ·Leading technical and forensic investigations into matters raised through alerts, intelligence, testing activities and end user reports that lead to a coordinated effort to effectively contain, mitigate and remediate active and potential attacks.
  • ·Leading post-incident reviews, assessing the effectiveness of controls, detection and response capability and supporting the required improvements with the responsible owners.
  • ·Coordinating annual exercises for cyber incident response plan and playbooks.
  • ·Building strong relations with IT and related parties to ensure that incident response tasks are implemented effectively and in a timely manner by all task owners,
  • ·Maintaining a strong awareness of technology trends and industry best practice, to enable the provision of informed advice and guidance to Business functions and IT.
  • ·Collaboration with the wider Global Cybersecurity Incident Management & Response team,
  • ·Supporting the Identification, development and implementation of new detections (Use cases).
  • ·Developing and defining detailed processes and procedures to manage the response to cyber security events.
  • ·Directly contributing to the continued technical enhancement of the security platforms.
  • ·Supporting the continued evolution of incident response and forensic capabilities and processes, including automation and orchestration.
  • ·Supporting a “self-critical” culture whereby identification of weaknesses in the bank’s control plane (people, process and technology) are brought to light in an effective manner and addressed.
  • ·Supporting a culture of individual self-improvement whereby staff are expected to maintain subject matter expertise within their area of focus and within the realm of cybersecurity more broadly.
  • ·24/7 on-call support (1 week/month) to handle high severity Cybersecurity event, incident or urgent investigation required.
  • ·Supporting the identification and post implementation validation of Bank’s security controls and infrastructure alignment and integration with group cybersecurity systems and operational teams,
  • ·Supporting the identification and post implementation validation of Turkey specific security logs integration with Global Log Management Systems in line with Global Security Event Logging and Monitoring standards,
  • ·Assist the country cybersecurity team in the analysis and implementation of new regulations,



  • ·Strong decision-making capabilities, with a proven ability to weigh the relative costs and benefits of potential actions and identify the most appropriate one.
  • ·An ability to perform independent analysis of complex problems and distill relevant findings and root causes.
  • ·An ability to communicate complex and technical issues to diverse audiences, orally and in writing, in an easily-understood, authoritative and actionable manner.
  • ·A team-focused mentality with the proven ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  • ·Self-motivated and possessing of a high sense of urgency and personal integrity.
  • ·Highest ethical standards and values.
  • ·Good understanding and knowledge of common industry cyber security frameworks, standards and methodologies, including; OWASP, ISO2700x series, PCI DSS, Turkey data security and privacy legislations, CIS and NIST standards.
  • ·Proven ability and experience of working in a high-pressure, fast paced environment where bold, time critical decision making is essential.
  • ·Proven experience in identifying and responding to advanced attacker methodologies both within the corporate environment as well as external attack infrastructures, ideally with offensive experience and / or deception environment development (tripwire systems, honeypots, honey-token/accounts, etc.) using open source, vendor purchased and bespoke/in-house developed solutions.
  • ·Proven experience in crisis management, crisis response frameworks and communications.
  • ·Ability to speak, read and write in English, in addition to your local language.


Technical Skills


  • ·Excellent knowledge of incident management frameworks and best practices.
  • ·Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience in incident response tools, techniques and process for effective threat containment, mitigation and remediation.  
  • ·Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience of common cybersecurity technologies such as; IDS / IPS / HIPS, Advanced Anti-malware prevention and analysis, Firewalls, Proxies, MSS, etc.
  • ·Excellent knowledge of common network protocols such as TCP, UDP, DNS, DHCP, IPSEC, HTTP, etc. and network protocol analysis suits.
  • ·Excellent knowledge of common enterprise technology infrastructure, platforms and tooling, including; Windows, Linux, infrastructure management and networking hardware.
  • ·Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience in common cybersecurity incident response and forensic investigation tools such as: EnCase, FTK, Sleuthkit, Kali Linux, IDA Pro, DEFT, SANS SIFT, etc.
  • ·Very good knowledge and demonstrated experience in analysis and dissection of advanced attacker tactics, techniques and procedures in order to inform adjustments to the control plane.
  • ·Very good knowledge and demonstrated experience of common log management suites, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, use of “Big Data” and Cloud-based solution for the collection and real-time analysis of security information.
  • ·Good knowledge of common mobile platforms, such as Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows.
  • ·Good knowledge of scripting, programming and/or development of bespoke tooling or solutions to solve unique problems.
  • ·Some knowledge and technical experience of 3rd party cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google.

Industry Experience and Qualifications

Candidates will be evaluated primarily upon their ability to demonstrate the competencies required to be successful in the role, as described above. For reference, the typical work experience and educational background of candidates in this role are as follows:

  • ·4+ years of experience incident management and response roles.
  • ·Experience in computer forensics would be beneficial.
  • ·Extensive experience within an enterprise scale organisation; including hands-on experience of complex data centre environments, preferably in the finance or similarly regulated sector.
  • ·Industry recognised cyber security related certifications including; CEH, EnCE, CRISC, SANS GSEC, GCIH, GCIA, GIAC, GCFA, GNFA, GASF and/or CISSP.
  • ·Formal education and advanced degree in Information Security, Cyber-security, Computer Science or similar and/or commensurate demonstrated work experience in the same.



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