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HR Operations And Reporting Responsible


Payroll & reportIng 
·        Prepares timesheets, overtime, vacations and  all data for payroll preparation  and send to payroll provider company each month
·        Controls payroll  production according to the  monthly timesheets.
·          Performs and send  mandatory company declarations to social security institutions or all related legal declarations.
·        Defines and verifies compliance with the annual payroll processing schedule
·        Verifies that individual employees' administrative records are up-to-date
·          Validates the exactitude of information collected in Payroll and Human Resource Management. 
·        Prepares work contracts in compliance with contract templates.
·          Performs salaries, employer taxes and other benefits are paid on time
·          Defines Wages and Staff Administration processes and procedures and ensures they are properly applied
·          Communicates  all legislation changes which related to employees on time and answers questions from management, operational teams and employees
·        Steers relations with payroll software provider used: describe requirements for settings, anticipate, analyze and have legislative developments integrated
·          Supervises account justification with tax accounting and administration
·          Keeps up to date with his or her area of activities 
ActIvIty monItorIng and reportIng 
·        Sets up resources for monitoring payroll provider data
·        Applies and monitors enforcement of current rules and regulations in his area of activity
·        Applies and monitors the application of standards and procedures in his area of activity
·          Translates discrepancy into implementation of corrective action plan
Resource management
·          Adapts and optimizes continuously the tools and systems to meet the challenges of the entity
·        Defines and estimates implementation resources necessary to carry out program or project
·          Identifies the specific activities or skills for which consulting a specialist is required
·          Pushes for an increase in resources or for sufficient resources for fluctuations in activity
·          Negotiates resources for a program or project
·          Monitors consistency and convergence between programs carried out by all project participants
TImeframe control and assessment
·        Estimates production timeframes
·        Identifies and schedules tasks, activities and operations
·        Sets up resources for monitoring compliance with schedule
·        Prioritises activities taking into account internal and external constraints (stakes, importance, emergency, etc.) to schedule processing
·        Overcomes delay by implementing corrective measures
TImeframe complIance
·          Sets and enforces deadlines
·         Creates files and documents within required timeframes and without having a negative impact on quality 
 Payroll data InspectIon
·         Verifies reliability of pay slips
·         Validates employees' work contracts
·         Validates mandatory social declarations
·     University degree
·      At least 2 to 4 years
·      Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications
·      On time and accurate payrolling, reporting
·      On time and accurate responding to employees  needs on  labor and social subjects
·       Completed military service for male candidates
·       Knowledge of ; Social and labor legislations, Labor law, Payroll, Wage techniques
·       Being; Rigor, Responsive, Proactive, focused on concrete results, Persuasive



Istanbul - Anadolu, Spring Turkey

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ISTANBUL, Spring Turkey

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